Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Riley and the staff are really great. I love the fact that they have physical therapy, adjustments, and electrodes to help make you feel a lot better and keep you healthy. I would recommend Greenwood Health Center to everyone."

- Opal

"The staff and Dr. Riley are great! They are so pleasant and helpful! I felt better after the first visit and I love that you get physical therapy as well as adjustments…it makes all the difference. I highly recommend Greenwood Health Center."

- Jennifer

"When I was moving from CO Springs, CO to Greenwood, IN in 2003, I asked my chirpractor there to refer me to a chiropractor here in IN. He referred me to Dr. Riley because he had the most certifications. After the move, I was experiencing very tight muscles and much more difficulty walking. For many years, my quality of life had been very poor living with chronic back pain, myofascial pain syndrome, plantar fascitis and fibromyalgia. I began seeing Dr. Riley and noticed improvements immediately. He soon fitted me for Foot Leveler insoles, a lift in my right shoe, and recommended I stay with one style of shoe. I love Dr. Riley, Cathy Riley and all the staff. They have always been very profes-sional, kind and caring with me. Being a single person living with these multiple symptoms, I firmly believe I would not be able to maintain such an active lifestyle being able to walk and be “on-the-go” had I not gotten the care I received and continue to receive. I will continue to make adjustments with Dr. Riley the main source of treatment for my health and wellness program."

- Mary

"I have made Greenwood Health Clinic a regular source for my health wellness for over 10 years. I had injured my back while lifting for a home project years ago. My wife had seen an advertisement and encouraged me to give them a try. They helped me tremendously, and I was amazed at how effective their efforts were to resolve my issues. As a result, whenever I have occasional or persistent pain and/or stiffness, I make an appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Riley and the physical therapists are excellent and work well together to get me feeling better quickly. There has not been one time I left their office without feeling better and on the road to improvement! Beyond this… the entire staff are just good people, who really care! Thanks!"

- Tim

"All the staff is extremely friendly and they go out of their way to help.our They work around your schedule and listen. Dr. Riley is great..I would highly recommend this group."

- Ruth

"I would recommend Greenwood Health Center. They have the best staff. They make you feel better so you want to come back. They work with your schedule when making appointments.I recommend them to all my friends and family.The orthotics are also making a difference."

- Linda

"Dr. Riley and staff helped me be able to play football and run track again. I started going to Greenwood Health Center two years ago when I was 9 years old. I crazily jumped off a chicken coop roof and had bad foot and heel pain. Dr. Riley told me I pulled my plantar fasciitis. Then my knee was hurting. I am all good and thank you Greenwood Health for helping me."

- Ben

"I have been going to Dr. Riley’s office for 2 months now after a very close friend recommended the office to me. They have been nothing but helpful and friendly to me and my daughter who I often have to bring. They go out of their way to make sure that I am progressing and to find out the cause if I am not. I can’t say enough good things about how friendly and helpful the staff are."

- Kara

"I would not recommend any other place, but Greenwood Health Center. They have the best staff. They make you feel like family. They work with your schedule when making appointments. They work hard to find where the pain is coming from and try to eliminate it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

- Lucinda

"I have been a patient at Greenwood Health Center for 4 years. They have helped me where other specialties either failed or only produced mediocre results. The staff is very friendly and are wholly committed to helping their patients. I highly recommend them to anyone needing services offered at the Center."

- Andy

"Dr Riley and team are great. I’ve been with them over 5 years now and they have helped manage my chronic back so I can keep living well. I’m still am bowling, golfing and tossing my grandkids around despite my back. Thanks Dr R and Team."

- Ron

"They treat their patients with respect I would definitely recommend them to all my friends and family."

- Andy

"I have been going to Greenwood Health Center for several years now! It has really helped my back get better and stay better! Plus, the staff there is so friendly and helpful!"

- Amy

"I have been to several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Riley and his staff has been the best for my specific needs. I have been going regularly for over 5 years and it has definitely increased my mobility and decreased my pain. I highly recommend Greenwood Health Center!"

- Matthew

"I have been going here for a little over a year now and have really noticed a difference in my lifestyle. It has impacted my life, so I can participate in sports, as well as everyday life, knowing I won’t start hutrting the next day! Thank you!"

- Austin

"IF you have pain anywhere i personally suggest that you go to Greenwood Health Center! Everyone is so nice and help you with whatever you need!"

- Kaleigh

"I searched for years to find help for my neck and lower back problems, and found wonderful care and such a caring, friendly staff at Greenwood Health Center. I would not find a better place to be and will continue in their care. They are just fun people!"

- Patti

"Dr. Riley and the staff have to be the most involved and thorough chiropractic staff I’ve ever had an experience with. Between the adjustment and PT, I always leave feeling better than when I came in."

- Deryl

"I love them. I feel so much better. Dr Riley Dr Kohrs and the entire staff."

- Tearza

"I love Dr Riley and his amazing staff! I have been a patient since 2007, when I was pregnant and miserable with my daughter and they’ve been helping me ever since! The office staff are so friendly and accommodating and Dr Riley is fantastic! I recommend anyone come to this office if they are in need of chiropractic care and I’ve sent several of my friends whom I love to receive care as well!"

- Laura

"I work with clinics around the midwest. I’ve been working with GHC for the past ten years and can attest to the quality of care, the concern of the staff & providers, and the thoroughness of the treatment provided. You’ll be in good hands here."

- Dave

"I have had remarkable pain relief and healing after seeing Dr. Riley. By offering chiropractic treatments with exercise and massage, healing is faster and pain decreased. Dr Riley and his staff are truly caring and most capable to help patients feel good."

- Kathryn

"Dr. Riley is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been to. His treatments are very effective with fast results."

- Jana

"Dr. Riley and his entire staff are TOP notch!!! They truly care about each and every patient seen. I cant say enough good things about this health center."

- Rudy

"I am a longtime advocate of alternative healthcare. Over the past 20 years I have received chiropractic care from a number of providers in the Greenwood area. I have found Dr. Riley to be the most interested in treating the whole person in a systematic way to remove the causes of pain thus having the best chance for a permanent long term solution. I spent the entire summer of 2011 in pain with my lower back, ankle and knee. I have been a very active and health conscious person all my life. With this pain I was absolutely able to do nothing in my yard or around the house. Exercise was out of the question. For a high functioning person this left me depressed and frustrated. Upon seeing Dr. Riley he didn’t recommend any immediate adjustments like others I’d seen. I was first evaluated head to toe. Even my feet were x-rayed and evaluated for orthotics. After a through consultation I had a complete treatment plan to balance my posture and spine from head to toe. After a few adjustments and physical therapy to calm down tight and spastic muscles, I received my shoe orthotics. How odd and strange they felt the first few days. After just one week the severe tendonitis in my ankle that had made walking miserable for months improved significantly. Within a few weeks the knee and ankle tendonitis was gone. It has never returned. The back pain responded very well to the office therapy and improved quickly once I actually did my home exercises to strengthen the core muscles. Entering the summer season of 2012 I am back to full function with no limitations. Back to regular exercise, back to life! I see Dr. Riley once a week now and it’s the best investment I make in my health. It’s not that I have to because I’m still mostly pain free even if I have to miss several weeks. I choose to because I never want that summer of intense pain to repeat itself. Thanks for being the only office to ever match the care I received from my good friend Dr. Gary Smith who introduced me to chiropractic 15 years ago. Your the most comprehensive, caring chiropractor with the best adjustment skills I have ever experienced. Thanks for giving me my active life back and keeping me that way."

- Dr. Richard Gillum

"Dr. Riley and the staff at Greenwood Health Center are amazing! Dr. Riley exhibits a profound knowledge of your pain and what is causing it. The entire staff is very personable and welcoming! The front office staff are so friendly and put you at ease as soon as you walk in the door! Peggy, Cathy and Alison are great! The PT ladies in the back Sharon and Tiera are very friendly and fun! I highly recommend Greenwood Health Center!"

- Dana

"Greenwood Health Center is a great place to go. I’ve been going to Dr. Riley since he first came to Greenwood, and I recommend them highly. I’ve been a hairdresser for 49 years and have arthritis but I am still going strong, thanks to Dr. Riley for keeping my neck, shoulders and back in good working order. Dr. Riley, I Cathy, Peggy and all the staff are so nice, caring and helpful, they are a great group."

- Pam

"I was so blessed to find Dr. Riley when I moved to Indiana 13 years ago. He, Cathy and the whole staff really care about making you feel better. Dr. Riley listens to you and creates a comprehensive treatment plan that works. I highly recommend Greenwood Health Center!"

- Christina

"The staff is wonderful in taking care of patients who are in pain and need that extra bit of attention and care. When you are a patient, everyone makes you feel as if you were a part of their family. Dr. Riley really reaches out to make sure you are as comfortable as you can be, with the circumstances and offers some the best advice. All the staff are amazing, but Peggy and Tiera have made the experience even better. They particularly make the experience better by trying to understand and know you personally. I can always count on G.H.C. to be there when you need some relief. Needless to say, I love it there!"

- Chris M.


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