Where Your Pelvis Should Be, And How To Get It There

Where Your Pelvis Should Be, And How To Get It There

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What is the axis point of your entire body? Take a look at any dancer, gymnast, or athlete and you will notice quickly that virtually every force humans produce, whether that is walking with our legs or tossing an object straight up in the air, travels through your pelvis at some point. This is just one of MANY reasons it is important to maintain mobility AND stability in your lower back and pelvic areas. Think of your pelvis as a bowl shape, and that bowl shape must remain in a level position or else you risk spilling the contents, or serious injury due to muscle imbalances. We often see patients in our office that have one of two dysfunctional positions in their respective pelvises.

One thing we did not touch on too much is when to perform which direction of this exercise. If you already know that you have a dysfunctional pelvic orientation AND which way it tilts, you would perform more of the exercise that goes AGAINST the way your pelvis is already tilted. For example, if your physician has told you you have an ANTERIOR pelvic tilt, you would focus more on the POSTERIOR pelvic tilt exercise to reverse the effects over time, and vice versa. There are many different variations of this exercise that can be performed depending on what each individual might require, so don’t ever hesitate to ask us any further questions in the comments or on our Facebook/Twitter pages. Obviously this is not a cure-all for every case of lower back/hip/leg pain and dysfunction. However, it can be one exceptional way in which you can manage your own pain and prevent it from coming back again. Thanks and check back on Friday for another instructional video!


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